This is a striking portrait of my tribute to the film, “Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk To Freedom”, in a scene where the mother is saying goodbye to Nelson Mandela as a child, to send him off to missionary school.  As you know, he grows up to be one of the greatest humanitarians of all time. His life really is astonishing and if you watch this film, you’ll see the beauty in the African tundra and small villages.   It is only my second portrait and the first one in acrylics, and was difficult for me.  I hear all the time from my viewers,  “What tremendous feeling is conveyed in that painting!”  I spent quite a while getting the anatomy and coloring correct, as well as the robe, headdress, and torn shirt the little boy is wearing.  This is available in this original for the price listed, with a glossy medium to dark toned wooden, layered frame that brings out the caramel tones in the mother’s face as well as her headdress.

I also have this in a canvas reproduction in a black frame.  Please check both prices and images.