All prices must add 6% PA sales tax


  1. “Ladies’ Lunch Date” 18 x 24 oil 5 cows eating hay 400.00
  2. “Mare Adopts Newborn Foal” 12 x 16 oil has amazing story 350.00
  3. “Barnyard Gossip” in Double Frame, duck, geese, chickens oil 14 x 24 200.00
  4. “Bluebelle” – piglet in bucket with flowers on block canvas 11 x 14 200.00
  5. “Loving My Piglet” oil 11 x 14 Sow with baby in hay 200.00
  6. “What’s Up, Piggy?” 5 piglets in a stall oil 11 x 14 200.00
  7. “Blanche”, Jersey Calf in green field eating hay oil 11 x 14 200.00
  8. “Gigi, Truffle Finder” – funny pig with dirt on her face oil 11 x 14 200.00
  9. “Baby Cashmere Goat and Piglet” oil 11 x 14 200.00
  10. “Jafar” – a multicolored llama in stall oil 11 x 14 DAB 325.00
  11. “Karma”- Holstein calf in stall 8 x 8 oil on board in wood frame 85.00
  12. “Wassup?” Baby Jax, gray goat at DAB 6 x 6 close up of face 70.00
  13. “Suffolk Sheep 1 – eating grass” oil 6 x 6 block canvas 70.00
  14. “Suffolk Sheep 2- not eating grass” oil 6 x 6 block canvas 70.00
  15. “Suffolk Sheep 3- bent over” oil 6 x 6 block canvas 70.00
  16. “Suffolk Lamb 4 oil 6 x 6 block canvas 70.00
  17. “Single Piglet” pink, hoofs over fence 5 x 5 oil in silver frame 60.00
  18. ”Two Chickens” 5 x 5 oil on board in white frame 60.00
  19. “Did You Say, BBQ?” two piglets in stall oil in brown frame 60.00
  20. “White-Breasted Nuthatch” on tree 5 x 5 oil in gray frame 60.00
  21. ”Katerina” black goat with horns DAB 5 x 5 oil w/blue frame 60.00
  22. ”Pig’s Feet” 4 x 5 oil on board w/silver frame 50.00
  23. “Deer Friends” 4.5 x 3.5 oil on board w/gold frame 50.00
  24. “Single Chicken” 3.5 x 3.5 oil on board on black easel 40.00
  25. “Baby Blanche” – Jersey Calf 3 x 4 oil on board on black easel 40.00
  26. “Copland’s Cows” 30 x 40 oil on block canvas 375.00
  27. “Longhorn Cow and Calves” oil 11 x 14 270.00
  28. ”Old Barn with Peonies” 8 x 10 print in wooden frame 50.00
  29. “Study of Hofner’s Shepherdess” peasant girl holding a lamb 175.00
  30. “Skippy” 6 x 6 oil of prancing Hereford calf in bronze frame 85.00A portion of the proceeds from this show goes to a non-profit organization called,
    Blended Spirits Ranch in Fairview, PA that does Equine Assisted Therapy with rescue horses who help emotionally troubled children and adults who are struggling with trauma. Janine and her husband volunteer on the ranch. Sandy Long is the Executive Director and it is a wonderfully rewarding program.

OILS – These are 25% off the listed price (Original price/sale price)

  1. “Study of Macpherson – A Pair of Wild Swans” in ornate wooden frame
    8 x 10 oil 150.00/112.50
  2. “Fishing on The River of Smoke, Valyria” 16 x 40 oil on block canvas, man fishing on a boat with castle ruins in background 350.00/262.50
  3. “Sunrise Over Soybean Fields, Corry, PA” intense yellow light coming in from the left side of painting of a huge tree 16 x 20 oil 500.00/375.00
  4. “ROSE” one huge yellow and pink rose oil 18 x 24 600.00/450.00
  5. “Gold and Blue Presque Isle Sunset” in white frame oil 125.00/93.75
  6. “Bayside Pathway, Presque Isle” vertical landscape of blue and green waters and shoreline with debris 16 x 20 oil 350.00/262.50

Acrylics all paintings are 25% off listed price

  1. “Victory Remembered, Perry Monument, Presque Isle, Erie, Pa
    Large obelisk, vertical landscape painting 18 x 24 acrylic 325.00/243.75
  2. “Blue Trees” abstract with horizontal branches acrylic 16 x 20 250.00/187.50
  3. “Apple Orchard, Albion, PA” row of apple trees in background, with a golden road in the middle, painting has dark and light shadows crossing it. 16 x 20 horizontal acrylic 250.00/187.50
  4. “Fall” has light blue sky, very loose, reddish tree at bottom center
    Horizontal abstract look, acrylic 250.00/187.50
  5. “A Pair of Wild Swans in Pond Behind Campbell’s Pottery, Cambridge Springs, PA” 16 x 20 horizontal, 2 swans with water fountain in pond,
    Large golden frame 300.00/225.00
  6. “Moonlight Forest” 8 x 8 acrylic blue and turquoise abstract of a
    Forest scene 75.00/56.25
  7. “Sunset Beach, Presque Isle” horizontal 16 x 20 acrylic, intense orange and purple sweeping sunset over blue water 220.00/165.00
  8. “Mother’s Tender Farewell” 16 x 20 acrylic African woman with headdress leaning in to small boy ORIGINAL 375.00/281.25
  9. “Mother’s Tender Farewell” 16 x 20 canvas reproduction in black frame 120.00/90.00
  10. “Beside Still Waters, Conneaut Creek, Albion, PA” acrylic 16 x 20
    Horizontal of many trees reflecting on the water, shale beach mostly in green tones in dark blue wooden frame ORIGINAL 300.00/225.00
  11. “Beside Still Waters, Conneaut Creek, Albion, PA” canvas reproduction horizontal in black frame 125.00/93.75
  12. “Iris Meadow” 18 x 24 acrylic a golden field and pathway with purple flowers in the whole landscape, dark green trees in the background, very loose and painterly 325.00/243.75
  13. “Winter Brilliance” 9 x 12 acrylic purples and blues of frosty trees, vertical 75.00/56.25
  14. “East Pier Afore The Gale, Presque Isle” acrylic 11 x 14 sun in sky with overcast clouds, and shades of dark green water with sun reflection in center. Horizontal in antique gold colored frame 150.00/112.50
  15. “Azalea Splendor” 12 x 16 acrylic intense bright pinks and dark greens in an abstract feel, horizontal in black frame 150.00/112.50
  16. “Imperial Sky” acrylic 16 x 20 vertical abstract of an intense yellow and orange sunset over bright blue waters. 150.00/112.50
  17. “Pathway To Brilliance” acrylic over paper 18 x 24 block canvas of bright blues and purples, with a path of light leading back into it in a light blue wash, lots of abstract trees. Horizontal 250.00/187.50
  18. “Pearl In The Oyster” acrylic 11 x 14 vertical abstract of light greens, grays, purples, swirling sandy look, with a pearl at the top, some stones as well, dark brown frame 125.00/93.75
  19. “Blue Boat on The Bayou” ORIGINAL 8 x 10 acrylic in thick, double frame with canvas inlay, horizontal greenish blue rowboat ashore, purple hazy sky at dusk. 150.00/112.50
  20. “Blue Boat On The Bayou” 13.5 x 16.5 canvas reproduction 65.00/48.75
  21. “Energy of Cadmium” acrylic 11 x 14 abstract of bright cadmium yellow, and some oranges, blues, and green trees and their reflection below in the water. Horizontal with black frame 125.00/93.75
  22. “Red Swirls” acrylic 8 x 10 swirls of 20 colors, glossy, in a red frame with mirrored inside edges for effect. 120.00/90.00
  23. “Pink Magnolia, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens” acrylic 16 x 20 large pink tree, very loose and painterly horizontal landscape 300.00/225.00
  24. “Snowy Sunset” acrylic 11 x 14 snowing scene, peachy yellow city backlights shining through, forest trees and purple and blue shadow in the snow. Horizontal with a grayish blue wooden frame 135.00/101.25
  25. “Spirit of Freedom” acrylic 24 x 36 5 soldiers holding up the American flag with the sun behind them, standing on a beach 400.00/300.00
  26. “Apocalypse” diptych two 16 x 20 acrylic abstract paintings in brilliant reds, oranges, blues and greens, then mounted on a blue painted birch board, then double framed in a shadow box in white painted wood with mitered edges . This has spiritual meaning where God is omnipotent and loving us in bright red, amidst the chaos of earth, water, strife, etc. in our daily lives as man falls away from God. 500.00/375.00
  27. “Birds Around The World” 5 brightly colored birds from all around the universe perched on loosely painted branches. Acrylic 11 x 14 150.00/112.50
  28. “West Pier, Presque Isle” acrylic 11 x 14 of trees, sunlight, water and reflections with a landscape in foreground. Fences and barricades. Horizontal with brown wooden frame. 175.00/131.25


  1. “Lure of The Pink Rose” abstract of bright pink roses and dark purples and greens, in a large glossy brown frame 11 x 14 watercolor horizontal 135.00/101.25
  2. “Parisian Village” watercolor 22 x 24 watercolor with large blue summer sky with billowy clouds, a village set back in time, with women and children walking up a path to church. Oranges, greens, turquoise, browns, etc. with a brown mat and ornate golden frame. It is more square than horizontal, pretty large. 150.00/112.50
  3. “Vintage Penn Bait Casting Reel” Watercolor of just a fishing reel in sepia tones and brass. This was painted for a fishing themed show. 8 x 10 with a dark brownish black mat and gold frame. 95.00/71.25
  4. “All Kinds of Carp” watercolor 8 x 10 abstract of brightly colored fish, goldfish, carp, overlapping and intermingling with blue, greens, yellows. White double mat in a gold frame. Horizontal. 140.00/105.00
  5. “Jellyfish Party” watercolor 8 x 10 in shades of blues and white bodies and tentacles in an abstract of a school of jellyfish. Very fun. In a double white mat and silver frame. Vertical. 140.00/105.00
  6. “Me And My Shadow” watercolor 16 x 20 of small toddler with blonde hair and jeans rustling through brightly colored fall leaves of oranges with a rural backdrop of Waterford, PA and her shadow in the leaves. Very sweet. Large ornate gold frame and matted in dark green. Horizontal. 145.00/108.75
  7. “Multicolored Vineyard” watercolor and alcohol to get this effect, 9 x 12 of bunches of grapes outlined in white, floating between two panes of glass. Purples, magenta, yellow, blue-greens. Black vertical frame. 125.00/93.75
  8. “Sorbet Sunrise Swim” watercolor 9 x 12 of abstract sky in lime green, orange, lemon yellow and raspberry with crashing white foam waves. Is in floating glass with a whitewash frame. 125.00/93.75
  9. “Floral Fantasy” watercolor 24 x 30 vertical abstract of loosely painted flowers in pastel pink, peach, yellows and blues, double matted, with a large golden painted wooden frame. Vertical 195.00/146.25
  10. “Marianna Tomatoes” 8 x 10 Hydrus watercolors of two side by side giant tomatoes, in rustic style in gorgeous wooden plank and metal frame. 125.00/93.75
  11. “German Pink Tomatoes” 8 x 10 Hydrus watercolors of two giant tomatoes, one on the table, on one top of a colander. Done in a rustic frame of wooden planks held together with metal tacking and strips. Horizontal 125.00/93.75
  12. “ Time To Eat” watercolor and oil pastels of a school of fish in greens and blues, with white mat and gray frame. 125.00/93.75
  13. “Can I Play?” 8 x 10 watercolor naked baby playing piano matted and framed in gold 100.00/75.00


  • I have one framed oval 8 x 10 print of Study of Macpherson’s Swans in a golden ornate vertical oval frame 25.00/18.75
  • 8 x 10 prints are all $25
  • 5 x 7 prints are 15.00