This is an award-winning, First Prize painting in a juried art show from 2018 at Main Street Art Gallery in Girard, PA in the “Bustin’ With Blooms” themed group show.  I was very proud to win over multiple talented artists.  It is an acrylic 18″ x 24″ gloriously vivid painting of an entire field of purple flowers, with bright oranges and yellows to accent other field flowers and meadow.  There is a golden pathway leading up from the foreground into the background, which suggests a peaceful walk among the irises.  There are dark greens and golden greens in the distant blocked in treeline, mountains in blue grays, and a faint light blue sky.  This is done very painterly, showing many brushstrokes, and lots of texture with glazes in my acrylics.  It is framed in a dark maroon/burgundy 3″wide frame, which really compliments the yellows and purples.  It really looks great on any colored wall in these color schemes and of course, brilliant on a white wall.