11 x 14 of a multicolored llama on the farm of the DoublDAB Riding Stables in Ripley, NY.  Photo referemce provided by owner, Darlene Breads.  I have a personal love affair with Jafar, as he is super soft, loves to snuggle, and rubs his long furry neck on yours if you go to visit him.  His eyes have super long eyelashes, and his whiskers are plentiful all over his face.  He has shades of blues, gray, white, purples, and more in his coat.  He is wearing his pink colored harness and standing tall in his stall.  You can see the detail in the burnt sienna and ochre tones of the wooden planks in the barn wall, and lighter brown wood with gray and weathering on the vertical beams.  This is the artist’s personal favorite farm animal yet.  The frame is real wood, in soft gray/tan colors which perfectly compliments Jafar’s coat colors.  His eyes will warm your heart.  His teeth are especially cute, and his whiskers on his mouth.