This is a large 30″ x 40″ gallery block oil on canvas, which means it has a 2″ side all around, and doesn’t require a frame.  I have painted the sides a shiny gold color.  It is the very FIRST COW OR ANIMAL OF ANY KIND THAT I PAINTED! I titled it after the famous American Composer for the working man, Aaron Copland.  Listen to his music sometime and you can feel the american farmer and this painting in your heart.  This is a farm up the road from me in Albion, PA.

I just caught the black and white Holstein frolicking in the tiny pond there to his left.  Yes, he was frolicking.  I think he was annoyed by my interruption of his photo.  There was a female Brown Swiss to his right, and a flock of Suffolk black faced sheep in the far distance.  I painted a familiar sky with beautiful clouds, and a storm coming in from the back, so different shades of blues are there.  Lots of bright yellow-greens in the pasture, as well as the little pond with the minty-aqua green pond scum reflecting the sky.  I painted details in the faces because they had so much personality.  I even painted the beautiful wildflowers in the immediate foreground, as are ever present along country roads, if you take the time to notice.

I hope you love this one as much as I do.  It is a MUST for cow lovers and pastural landscape enthusiasts.  It is priced right for its size. It looks great in a kitchen by the table, or even in an office somewhere.  Ideally, I’d love to see a restaurant owner buy this where they serve steaks, or are vegans and love animals.  Either way, It’ll warm my heart to go to that buyer.