This is a huge piece, made of two 16″ x 20″ paintings, called a “dyptych”.  This means one painting continues onto another carrying the theme.  Then, the two paintings are mounted from behind on a large painted piece of birch wood in a brilliant cobalt blue, which is the exact blue in the paintings.  Then, me, and three other people made a sunken shadow box type wooden frame, painted white.  The frame has mitered edges, and an inside ledge on which you could put miniatures, a plant or string some white lights!  It is wired for its weight, it is very large, approximately 36″ high by 50″ long and 4″ deep. It weighs about 35 lbs.

It is definitely a STATEMENT PIECE OF ART.  This has brilliant reds, oranges, blues and greens, with dark purples and black.  It is all pallette knife,  It has spiritual meaning for me and was inspired by prayer.  The blues and greens are to represent the fallen world of man and carnal desire swirling all around us, and the brilliant red-orange “sun” at the bottom and throughout the two paintings represents the “Son of God”, who is with us wherever we go and will never leave our side.

The “Apocalypse” is where prophets and pastors are saying we are heading in these “End Times”, which if I were to imagine it as an artist, this is what I came up with in my spirit.  God is omnipotent and loving us, amidst the chaos of earth, water, strife, sin, suffering in our daily lives as man falls further away from God.  However, He is with us everywhere in the red and orange colors of the fire of the Holy Spirit,  with some leaves here and there if you look, to represent new growth in each of us.