8 x 8 oil on canvas board of a cute holstein calf, in the shadows peeking out from his stall.  He lives at the DoublDAB Riding Stable and petting farm in Ripley, NY.  Photo reference provided by owner, Darlene Breads.  He is done in deep blues and purples and with a dark background painted in for the shadows.  He is in a wooden barn stall, which is clearly depicted.  His chin rests on a horizontal wooden edge of his stall.  The ORIGINAL OF THIS IS SOLD.  However, I can paint another one is you are interested.  Also, I can have an identical canvas reproduction done for a lesser price.  This painting had an unfinished real wooden frame which was stained in a mixture of three stain tones to get the desired color.  Prints on high quality paper stock are available for any of my paintings, which then can be matted and framed.  Please contact me via this site, or call me directly at 814-528-2848 for a discussion on what you would like, if you desire another original or copy.