This is a 16″ x 40″ oil on canvas gallery block with 2″ thick sides which the original has sold at show. Sorry, It isn’t the best resolution, but you get the idea. I can offer a canvas reproduction for a very reasonable price, or paint another one.  It is inspired from the movie series, Game of Thrones, as Jorah is taking Tyrion through Valyria as prisoner to see Danyrius.  Jorah is attacked by the stonemen and gets grayscale after the scene in this painting.  I did a memory of the castle ruins as well, but changed the colors in the water.  Also, I entered this into a competition fishing themed art show.  Therefore, I removed Tyrion out of the boat, and had Jorah fishing with an old fashioned fishing rod and catching a large fish!  It sold right away and the owner is very pleased to say it “pulls the colors of her office together nicely”.  She is a therapist and it soothes you as you stare into the water, and the fog and mist throughout the piece.  The sides are painted an indigo blue.  Please inquire on this site or email me at  You can also phone me at 814-402-1346 for serious interests.


God bless you.

Janine Lay-Utegg