“Apocalypse” diptych.  Here, you get two 16 x 20 acrylic abstract paintings in brilliant reds, oranges, blues and greens,dark purple/blacks, then mounted on a blue painted birch board, then double framed in a shadow box in white painted wood with mitered edges . This has spiritual meaning where God is omnipotent and loving us in bright red, amidst the chaos of earth, water, strife, etc. in our daily lives as man falls away from God. 500.00/375.00  There is a good 3 inch space of box surrounding this piece. It is uniquely crafted.  You could string white lights around the inside to illuminate it for spiritual significance, or even put small plants on the inside bottom ledge.  This is sturdily mounted and can hold a lot of weight.  Recommend using two anchors and screws.  Would be exciting and crisp in a themed room of blue and white, or even on a red, blue, or green wall.  Notice the extra attention to the unique design of the frame and how this could be quite a conversation piece.  There is a lot of impasto, or thickness to the glazes used in thick paint with the acrylics.  This has special meaning to the artist for strength in God as her rock amidst the trials of life.  It is a great message for any home or office and very modern looking.  This is twice the paintings for an extremely fair price.