This is a 16″ x 20″ oil painting of an Amish buggy pulled by a beautiful black horse through some countryside.  I took this photo in frozen April, and decided to paint it with a blue/mint green hue to it, for a surrealistic feel.  This is quite the conversation piece.  I painted it as an entry into the First Annual Lawrence County Artist Competition at the Lawrence County Courthouse, which had a show from June to July, 2018, and all entries HAD to be from their county.  I was taking photographs at the thoroughbred stables mentioned above of a two day old filly, when out of nowhere, we saw this very strangely colored Amish buggy racing by.

This one had solid white wood sides and windows.  Very much unlike the burnt orange colored buggies for this county.  I found out through very much research and asking the local amish women that these white buggies were previously used as peddler carts to sell their eggs, wares, and such.  Over the years it became too expensive, so they turned them into hearses.  This particular Amish woman told us they take the deceased directly from the home to the graveyard in this kind of buggy to be private.  This is what happened the day I took this photo for my painting.  In the background there is a black horse grazing and lots of countryside and pastures from the stables.  This is the stable that provides some of the racing horses at Presque Isle Downs, in Erie, PA!  Very interesting how this painting came to be.  It has a dark bluish/gray and black with white grain wooden frame on it, which really makes the wintery frost of blue and green pop, and compliments the horse and buggy.  Again, I painted very loosely with the tree line, blue areas, and even the buggy.  It is still impressionistic with lots of brush strokes.