This glorious piece is a full 16″ x 20″ horizontal painting in an elaborate, royal gold painted wooden sculpted frame with the fancy corners, to bring out the elegance of the swans, and the warm hues in the sky and water. The blues are a light, warm, blue with many flowering lily pads floating along the shore. There are loose background trees, including a weeping willow, and some pretty reeds in the foreground.  I photographed this shot on my knees, so that is the angle you are seeing from.

There are two swans, who were rescued from Tamarack Wildlife Refuge, given a home on this pond, have their own fountain, and wetlands behind to nest in, which I later saw the female doing! Campbell’s Pottery is renowned for their pottery, obviously, but has an amazing Stonewall Gallery that houses many art shows every year, all of which I enter.

I walk down to this pond whenever I am at Campbell’s, which used to be a working dairy farm years ago, before it was remodeled into an art gallery.  If you like wildlife, especially swans, this is the one for you.  The owner told me that the female accidentally wandered off the pond up to the road and was killed by a passing vehicle.  The male was devastated and highly upset and wouldn’t come out on the pond and was in seclusion.  They went back to Tamarack Lake and got another female swan so he could have his lifelong mate again, after the tragic loss.  It took awhile, but they finally fell in love and never leave each others’ side.  It was a year later so, after I painted this, that I saw the female on a nest.  This was just recently in June, 2018.  I went back in July, 2018 and didn’t see any baby swans swimming in the pond.  I am not sure what happened, but I have this loving couple permanently captured.  They will come up to you to be hand fed if you walk out there to the edge of the pond where a little wooden dock is built, just for viewing the Canada Geese, ducks, and the two swans, if your heart desires.