This is an acrylic painting done sitting on the shore of a very sacred place where I and others go to pray.  It is serene, absolutely silent except for a frog jumping or a bird flying through.  It is all in natural colors of a creek in browns, grays, greens, and lots and lots of trees and leaves.  There is a sunlit patch of sky in the upper left center.  There are some light blues as well, with purples and blue grays in the many slate rocks on the shore.  A lot of people kayak on this Conneaut Creek. It is framed in a home made painted frame I did with natural wood painted dark blue tomatch the painting, then glazed and a rub off done in dark gray to really match the slate and shadows.

This is one of three paintings done on my friend Jim’s farm in Albion, which he owns 25 acres of property.  This creek, Conneaut Creek, runs through his land, lucky for me.  It is just so beautiful and one of the most detailed and difficult paintings I have painted of a forest and creek.  It goes great on any wall, any colors, but especially where it will be well lit, or put a painting light over it to capture the colors.

Please see the other of this painting I have available as a framed canvas reproduction for much less in price.